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JBE, vol. 28, no. 2, pp.194-212, March, 2023


Towards Group-based Adaptive Streaming for MPEG Immersive Video

Jong-Beom Jeong, Soonbin Lee, Jaeyeol Choi, Gwangsoon Lee, Sangwoon Kwak, Won-Sik Cheong, Bongho Lee, and Eun-Seok Ryu

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The MPEG immersive video (MIV) coding standard achieved high compression efficiency by removing inter-view redundancy
and merging the residuals of immersive video which consists of multiple texture (color) and geometry (depth) pairs. Grouping of
views that represent similar spaces enables quality improvement and implementation of selective streaming, but this has not been
actively discussed recently. This paper introduces an implementation of group-based encoding into the recent version of MIV
reference software, provides experimental results on optimal views and videos per group, and proposes a decision method for
optimal number of videos for global immersive video representation by using portion of residual videos.

Keyword: Metaverse, Virtual reality, MIV, 6DoF, Group-based encoding

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