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How to submit papers to the Journal of the Korean Society of Broadcast Engineers

1. How to submit general papers

  • Article 1 (Scope of submitters) In principle, all authors of submitted papers shall be members of the society.
  • Article 2 (Purpose and scope of papers) Papers shall be creative study results in areas related to broadcast engineering that have not been published in domestic or foreign publications.
    (Form of publication) Regular research paper: This form of publication represents original research articles on broadcast engineering. Letter paper: Short reports or articles of original researches are accepted for publication. Review papers: Invited or submitted technical tutorials are accepted.
  • Article 3 (Adoption of papers) The editorial board shall determine whether to adopt each paper after a specified process of paper review. Moreover, the editorial board may request partial revisions or supplementation of the paper.
  • Article 4 (Receipt of manuscripts) Manuscripts shall be received at all times, and the date of receipt of each manuscript shall be the date on which the manuscript arrives at the society.
  • Article 5 (Language to be used to prepare manuscripts) Manuscripts shall be prepared in Korean or English, and English terms may be used when necessary (provided that paper titles, author names, institutions to which authors belong, abstracts, and explanations of figures and tables in English shall accompany those in Korean.)
  • Article 6 (Manuscript writing in English) In manuscripts in English, only the first letter in each sentence shall be capitalized, and the remaining letters shall be lowercase (except for proper nouns).
  • Article 7 (Name writing in English) In the case of names in English, given names should be written first followed by family names.
  • Article 8 (Manuscript preparation using a word processor and lengths) Manuscripts for Review shall be prepared using a PC using the Hangeul word processor if possible in single columns only, and manuscripts shall be less than12 pages (A4 size) including figures and tables (around 1,000 letters per page, double spaced) in principle.
  • Article 9 (Manuscript submission method) Manuscripts for publication shall be submitted online at The Korean Institute of Broadcast and Media Engineers homepage ( Other correspondences can be e-mailed The Korean Institute of Broadcast and Media Engineers c/o 1108, New building, The Korea Science and Technology Center, 22, 7-Gil, Teheran-Ro, Gangnam-Gu, Seoul 06130 KOREA (e-mail:, TEL:+82-2-568-3556, FAX:+82-2-568-3557)
  • Article 10 (Cover sheet content) On the cover of each manuscript, the article title (including the title in English) and detailed area of study must be provided. Moreover, the submitter’s address, postal code, phone number, and e-mail address must be written.
  • Article 11 (First page content) On the first page (the page after the cover sheet) of each manuscript, the names of the authors or the organization to which the authors belong must not be written; only the title (including the title in English) must be written.
  • Article 12 (Keywords) Each paper shall begin with an abstract in Korean followed by an abstract in English, five keywords, the body, an appendix, and references in order of precedence.
  • Article 13 (Abstracts in Korean and English) An abstract in Korean (under 500 letters) and an abstract in English (under 200 words) shall be attached to each paper.
  • Article 14 (Page, chapter, and section numbers) Page numbers must be provided for each paper. Numbers for chapters shall be written using Roman numerals (Ⅰ, Ⅱ, Ⅲ, Ⅳ, …), while numbers for sections shall be written in Arabic numerals (1, 2, 3, …).
  • Article 15 (Locations and titles of figures and tables) Figures and tables shall be presented on the pages in which they are mentioned if possible; however, if they have to be presented on separate pages, they should be presented at the top of the next page. The titles of figures shall be written below the figures, while the titles of tables shall be written above the tables in both Korean and English.
  • Article 16 (Resolution of figures and photos) Figures or photos shall maintain high resolution. If the resolution is low, the editor-in-chief may request high-resolution figures or photos, and the author shall comply with the request.
  • Article 17 (References) References shall be written in the order cited in the body in the manner shown below for both those in Korean and in English, and journal and book names shall be italicized. References that can be written in English shall be written in English, and references without English translations shall be written in both Korean and English.

    A. Journal: author name, article title, journal name, volume, issue, page, month, year (year followed by month in the case of references in Korean)

    B. Book: author name, book name, publishing company name, location, page, year

  • Article 18 (Citation of references) The numbers of references cited in the body shall be written in superscript and in square brackets after cited sentences.
  • Article 19 (Review fee) The submission and resubmission of manuscripts are exempt from review fees.
  • Article 20 (Indication of paper authors) When a paper has been confirmed to be adopted, the manuscript for publication shall be submitted together with one photo of the author and a brief profile (including study area) of the author (if there are two or more authors, the leading author and the corresponding author shall be indicated).

    A. Although the first author is considered the leading author as well as the corresponding author in general, if the corresponding author differs from the leading author, the ‡symbol (superscript) shall be indicated next to the name. (e.g., Gil-Dong Hong, Chun-HyangSeong‡, Mong-Lyong Lee)

    B. The name and contact address (e-mail address) of the corresponding author shall be indicated in the footnote at the bottom of the first page. (e.g., Corresponding author: Gil-Dong Hong (

  • Article 21 (Order of publication) Papers that have passed the Review shall be published in order of receipt in principle.
  • Article 22 (Urgent publication) If a paper that passed the Review shall be published urgently under special circumstances, it may be published in the present issue subject to approval by the editorial board even if the order of publication of the paper does not correspond to the present issue (actual expenses resulting from the additional publication shall be borne by the author).
  • Article 23 (Publishing fee and payment) Publishing fees shall be paid after the submission of the final manuscript of a paper in accordance with the following standards.
  •   Publishing fee
    No. of pages Letterpaper General paper Urgent paper
    1-4 pages 100,000    
    1-6 pages   25,000/page 30,000/page
    7-8 pages   30,000/page 40,000/page
    9 pages or more   40,000/page 50,000/page
    * If the institution that provided the research fund is indicated, an additional publishing fee of 100,000 won shall be paid.

  • ArArticle 24 (Period of time required for publication) Papers that have been judged as being “suitable for publication” in the first-phase Review among papers submitted earlier than 45 days before the time point of publication can be published on the earliest relevant date of publication.
  • Article 25 (Copyright) All copyrights related to adopted papers shall be vested in this society, and the authors shall maintain the following rights:

    A. The authors may use part of the papers in other papers.

    B. The authors or organizations to which the authors belong may reprint the papers for the authors’ personal purposes or the organization’s internal purposes so long as the purposes are not commercial.

    C. The authors or organizations to which the authors belong may distribute parts of papers or entire papers specified to be published by the society in a limited number before the papers are published by the society.

    D. In the case of papers that are the result of studies conducted based on the support of the Korean government or other institutions, the society shall regard that the copyrights for the papers have been transferred to the society free of charge by the Korean government or other institutions.

    E. To clarify copyright-related matters, papers shall be published only when the relevant memorandums of copyright transfer have been submitted.

2. How to submit letter papers

  • Article 1 (Period of time required for publication) Letter papers shall be published within three months of the date of receipt in principle and shall be published within six months.
  • Article 2 (Judgment in Review) Letter papers shall only be judged either “suitable for publication” or “not suitable for publication.” Even if a paper has been judged “suitable for publication,” if it has been requested to be revised, it shall be regarded as “not suitable for publication” if the revised copy is not submitted within 30 days.
  • Article 3 (Publication of authors) Each letter paper shall not exceed four pages.(The author’s photo and profile are not printed).
  • Article 4 (Indication of letter paper) Letter papers should be indicated as letters when they are submitted.
  • Article 5 (Others) Matters other than those set forth above shall be handled as specified under “how to submit general papers.”

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