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Journal of Broadcast Engineering

ISSN : 1226-7953 (Print) / 2287-9137 (Online)

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ISSN : 1226-7953 (Print) / 2287-9137 (Online)

Author Checklist

Title of the paper:
Before you submit your manuscript, please review the following items and mark applicable items with 🗸

1. General details of preparation

The manuscript includes the original copy of the manuscript, a checklist, an agreement for copyright transfer, and an author introduction.

The manuscript is prepared in Korean or English, and English terms are used when necessary (provided that paper titles, author names, institutions to which authors belong, abstracts, and explanations of figures and tables in English accompany those in Korean).

The manuscript begins with a cover page followed by a title page, an abstract in Korean, an abstract in English, the body (including necessary figures and tables), an appendix, and references in order of precedence.

The body begins with an introduction and ends with conclusions.

The manuscript is prepared using a PC with a Hangeul word processor in a single column, and the length of the manuscript is less than 12 pages (A4 size) including figures and tables (around 1,000 letters per page, double spaced).

In manuscripts in English, only the first letter in each sentence is capitalized (except for proper nouns), and the remaining letters are written in lowercase.

2. Cover page

On the cover page of the manuscript, the article title (including the title in English) and detailed area of the study are provided. Moreover, the submitter’s address, postal code, phone number, and e-mail address must be written.

In the case of names in English, given names are written first followed by family names.

3. Title page

The first page (the page after the cover page) is a title page, and the names of the authors or the organization to which the authors belong are not written; only the title (including the title in English) is written.

4. Abstract and keywords

Both an abstract in Korean (less than 500 letters) and an abstract in English (less than 200 words) are included in the paper.

Five or fewer keywords are written below the abstract in English.

5. Body

Page numbers are included in the paper. Numbers for chapters are written in Roman numerals (Ⅰ, Ⅱ, Ⅲ, Ⅳ, …), and numbers for sections are written in Arabic numerals (1, 2, 3, …).

Figures and tables are presented on the pages in which they are mentioned if possible; however, if they must be presented on a separate page, they are presented at the beginning of the next page. The titles of figures are written below the figures, and the titles of tables are written above the tables in both Korean and English.

With regard to figures or photos, a sufficiently high resolution is maintained so that they can be identified.

6. References

References are written in the order in which they are cited in the body in the manner shown below for both those in Korean and in English, and journal and book names are italicized.

  1. A. Journal: author name, article title, journal name, volume, issue, page, month, year (year followed by month in the case of references in Korean)
  2. B. Book: author name, book name, publishing company name, location, page, year

All references with English descriptions (not the whole paper, just title, author names, etc.) are written in English, and references without English descriptions are written in both Korean and English by translating the Korean into English.

The numbers of references cited in the body shall be written in superscript and in square brackets after cited sentences.

7. Ethics

The author(s) of this article was (were) well aware of The Korean Institute of Broadcast and Media Engineers’ Internal Regulations for Publications Ethics.